Diana Adina Lascău


‘When practicing the law one needs to be a very good psychologist’

Diana Lascău, MSIL’s founding partner, has a remarkable knowledge of the law and is able to make the legal process easy for her clients to understand. Specialised and passionate about one of the most complex and diverse areas of law – civil litigation, Diana has successfully negotiated dozens of pre-litigation settlements, which often involved creative strategies given the novelty of seemingly uneventful cases.

In case a pre-litigation settlement is not achievable, Diana provides strong and decisive representation in court proceedings, promoting and protecting the interests of her clients.

The relationship with her clients is based on patience, a positive attitude and persuasive arguments, making Diana Lascău one of the most highly regarded professionals in the field.

Spoken languages: Romanian, English, French.

E: diana.lascau@msil.ro

  • Civil Law
  • Real Estate
  • Land Law
  • Civil and Commercial Contracts
  • Family Law
  • Malpraxis
  • Industria farmaceutică
  • Dreptul sănătății
  • Resurse umane
  • Dreptul muncii
  • Disciplina muncii
  • Litigii de muncă