Raul Moscovits

Lead Partner

Founder of MSIL, Raul Moscovits considers himself, first and foremost, the ally of each client he represents. The years of litigation in the Romanian law courts brought him a series of successes in commercial and property law, but also the satisfaction of historical and moral reparation for the properties illegally seized during the communist regime.

In his work, Raul Moscovits values trust above all, which streams from his clients’ confidence that they are defended by a professional who will guide them through the legal jungle, always searching for the best possible solution. “We will go to court, but only as a last resort”, says Raul, who has always prioritised prevention, before any issue turns into a contractual or legal dispute.


  • Administrative Law
  • Commercial Law
  • Public Procurement
  • Property Restitution and Claim of Ownership